Some fun with ruby

posted by simon on Thursday, December 14, 2006

class String
   def readBracketedList
       self.scan(/\[\[([^\]]+)\]\]|(\S+)/).map {|m| m[0]||m[1]}
Ha ha sweet ruby-ness! :) And it works:
p "[[Hello there]] this that [[other]] [[one more]]".readBracketedList

["Hello there", "this", "that", "other", "one more"]
So now to get this blog a little more on topic... The above comes from a little project I started to fix up the code that assembles a TiddlyWiki site when you create it. The starting point is this stuff which I use to developing/release MPTW and MonkeyGTD. Hopefully this will turn into a nice set of ruby classes for manipulating TiddlyWiki files, (and maybe even a substitute for cook and ginsu) that I can release as open source and use in Tiddlyspot.

For this work I have installed Eclipse and RDT and I'm using unit testing (and svn if I ever get the subclipse plugin working). Anyway it's pretty cool so far though I am missing my vim.



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