Tiddlyspot and 2.4.1

posted by simon on Thursday, August 07, 2008

The 2.4.1 update to TiddlyWiki breaks Tiddlyspot uploads. So please don't update your Tiddlyspot TiddlyWiki to 2.4.1 until we have a fix for this. The fix is not hard but will take some effort to roll out. It will require an update to UploadPlugin and since Tiddlyspot supports flavours built on older TW cores that are incompatible with the latest UploadPlugin it's not quite as easy as it might be.

Update: Actually it seems like it's only a problem if you have updated UploadPlugin to the latest version from http://tiddlywiki.bidix.info/. If you've stuck with the UploadPlugin that Tiddlyspot created for you then you should be alright to update 2.4.1*

* Unless your running a 2.1 or older TiddlyWiki in which case you might need to update UploadPlugin using the technique described in the second paragraph here.


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