Your password doesn't work [fixed]

posted by Deuce on Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday 1:44pm local time (GMT +10)

We're holding all your sites hostage until we get.. [Dr Evil voice:] ONE MILLION DOLLARS!

No, just kidding. Starting about 15 minutes ago, authentication stopped working. So control panels are inaccessible, and if you have a password-protected site, that's inaccessible too.

Sorry about this. Your data is still safe, just slightly more secure that you want it to be. So please hang tight while we sort it out with the hosting people.

I'll post updates here.


Update: 3:14pm local time (GMT +10)

Our host company has contacted us and said sorry. They are fixing it now. Will update again when it's working.

Update: 3:40pm local time (GMT +10)

all good.


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