Another possible ad format for Tiddlyspot

posted by simon on Thursday, May 17, 2007

See this example. It has a small text link ad unit in the top right. The good thing about this format is that it doesn't require any javascript hack to position it and is hence more tolerant of variations PageLayout. I think the colour is important though, for instance it would look terrible in that position if it was black on white instead of matching the colour of the SiteTitle panel. Potentially we could let you choose your colour via your control panel or try and guess it by looking at your colour scheme.

Compare to the older example here (a single text ad above search and a banner at the bottom).

Once again we're interested in opinions (positive and negative) on ads on tiddlyspot. If you have any post them in the comments. Note that at present I can't see the point in ads for private (password protected) sites. The reason is that since Google can't spider a private site it won't be able to give ads relevant to the content.


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