No more core hacks!

posted by simon on Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I've just done an svn update to the prod area with a bunch of new stuff, albeit mostly behind the scenes:
  • "Clean" empty files - New sites now use a clean empty TiddlyWiki file. We used to do all kinds of nastly things to the TiddlyWiki core which caused problems when it came time to upgrade your TiddlyWiki. Now all new sites are clean and pristine TiddlyWikis. Hurrah!
  • Site id now just in one place - It will be much easier to move your Tiddlyspot TiddlyWiki from one site id to another and much easier to take an existing TiddlyWiki and use it with Tiddlyspot because the site id is only specified in one place. You don't have to dig through 10 different places to modify it. And the "Uploading an existing TiddlyWiki" faq should get much shorter.
  • Simplified config - All the Tiddlyspot related configuration is in one place now, TspotSetupPlugin.
  • d3 autosave switched off - This should prevent annoying popups for new d3 users.
  • MPTW "naked" flavour available - A new version of MPTW is available that doesn't include the MPTW theme, in case you prefer a standard layout or you want to install a theme from
We also have a new system for managing flavours and empties one or two minor bug fixes and tweaks. There are some big changes in there so there could be bugs. Please let us know at


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