The new d3

posted by simon on Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The new d3, the Getting Things Done system created by Tom Otvos, is now available as a tiddlyspot flavour.

Presentation mode TiddlyWiki now available

posted by simon on Monday, December 18, 2006

Presentation TiddlyWiki (which is what I will call it until a better name comes along) is a new TiddlyWiki distribution created by Saq Imtiaz. Check it out here. The point of this TiddlyWiki package is so you can create a web site with all of the power of TiddlyWiki for authoring but still won't confuse or scare your average joe web users. In fact your web users will see something that looks like a pretty "normal" web site. Take a look at the example, which happens to be a real-life university assignment, in user mode and in author mode to get an idea how it works.

Some fun with ruby

posted by simon on Thursday, December 14, 2006

class String
   def readBracketedList
       self.scan(/\[\[([^\]]+)\]\]|(\S+)/).map {|m| m[0]||m[1]}
Ha ha sweet ruby-ness! :) And it works:
p "[[Hello there]] this that [[other]] [[one more]]".readBracketedList

["Hello there", "this", "that", "other", "one more"]
So now to get this blog a little more on topic... The above comes from a little project I started to fix up the code that assembles a TiddlyWiki site when you create it. The starting point is this stuff which I use to developing/release MPTW and MonkeyGTD. Hopefully this will turn into a nice set of ruby classes for manipulating TiddlyWiki files, (and maybe even a substitute for cook and ginsu) that I can release as open source and use in Tiddlyspot.

For this work I have installed Eclipse and RDT and I'm using unit testing (and svn if I ever get the subclipse plugin working). Anyway it's pretty cool so far though I am missing my vim.


Wordpress sucks

posted by simon on Thursday, December 14, 2006

Really it does. So here we are over at blogspot. You can find the old blog stuff over in the Wordpress blog at