Some layout tweaks and a gallery

posted by simon on Friday, April 27, 2007

Subject says it all really. Ps, I've noticed there's quite a few clever folk have Tiddlyspot sites with the 2.2 beta. So I guess that 2.2 works okay with Tiddlyspot.

Actually I believe BidiX has a new version of UploadPlugin designed especially for 2.2 so I'm aiming to get that going at Tiddlyspot with a 2.2 flavour soon after 2.2 hits the decks and proves to be mostly bug free, and maybe revist BidiX's GroupAuthoring functionality in 2.2. I'd also like to take a closer look at MTS (MiniTiddlyServer) which seems like it can do some very nice tricks with online TiddlyWikis including some multi-user features.

Looking ahead a little further into the future, TW 2.2 has some new built in syncing and server-side magic which I'm hoping will bring about the next generation in the UploadPlugin/MTS family tree. I can't quite imagine what it will look like yet, but it would have the potential to make Tiddlyspot even cooler than it is now. :)