Planned outage Friday/Saturday

posted by Deuce on Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tiddlyspot's host is moving some servers around, and the result will be a 12 hour outage, starting at 04:00 Saturday 22 March, GMT. In California's time zone that's 9pm Friday 21 March; at Tiddlyspot Global Headquarters it will be 2pm Saturday 22 March. If you are expecting to get a lot of work done on your tiddlyspot hosted TiddlyWiki over that time, you will need to download your wiki and save your changes locally until the outage is over. Update: You can find this time in your local timezone.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

somebody cares!!!
hey guys, I sent an email to my friends the other day with a link to my tiddlywiki - linking to a tiddler with an embeded player from divshare (works great!) streaming a hiphop radio show - but you're down today :( - guess I should have kept track with your blog! Nevertheless, you're doing a great job - keep it up. And I just wanted to say thanks! I've been using tiddlyspot more and more, mainly for anthropology research and random notes and it's been proving very useful.
kind regards from Scotland,

here's a request: if you create a permaview link in the tiddly it gives you a really long url, right? it would be great to use something like TinyUrl - but it doesn't work - it links you to DefaultTiddlers not to the permaview link. guess I could try other similar services... not sure if they'll work though.

Mar 22, 2008, 10:17:00 PM  

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