What's new since March

posted by simon on Thursday, December 16, 2021

I haven't been posting much here, but there are some notes in the Journal, and there's always the issue list and the git history if you want the nitty-gritty.

Looking back it's mostly been minor usability features and bug fixes.

The release of TW 5.2.0 was a good milestone I think, because it means that Tiddlyhost now works with an off-the-shelf standard TiddlyWiki. Prior to that we used a random prerelease version that had the small tweak needed to make the upload saver work out of the box.

I am working on subscriptions. Currently (in my local dev environment) I can bill a user for a monthly subscription, but I still need to work on the UI around that, i.e. to make sure the user can see their subscription, cancel if if they want, upgrade it, etc. It's slow going, because there's quite a lot to do, and perhaps also because slightly less fun than adding cool features and improving the UX.

Ps, it's coming up to the 12 month anniversary of the birth of Tiddlyhost. How should I mark the occasion? Perhaps the go live date is more significant, or the official launch.

Pps, I did also revise the text on tiddlyspot.com, added a TL;DR there, and created some more FAQs just now.