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posted by simon on Monday, January 02, 2023

New (repost from the journal):
  • Cloning and hub listed templates. I mentioned the new cloning support on the forum and several people immediately asked about cloning other people's site, which lead to the creation of the "Templates" page where you can do literally that. See here for details on how to create and share templates like this for others to clone.
  • External core javascript support. Thanks to suggestions and technical help by several community members, (see here for details) Tiddlyhost now supports "external core" TiddlyWiki which means the total file size for loading and saving can be a lot smaller due to the "core" TiddlyWiki plugin not being included in the main file. See here for a demo and further explanations, or just try it yourself by creating a site with the "external core" version of TiddlyWiki.
  • Deleting and redirecting Tiddlyspot sites. It's been a long time coming, but you can now delete your claimed Tiddlyspot sites, or have them redirect all traffic to an existing Tiddlyhost site.

Coming soon:
  • A non-free plan for Tiddlyhost users with some additional features including...
  • "Save history" for viewing and restoring previous versions of your sites.


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